Bottom outlet valve (BOV) Tank outlet valve

The BOV range provides high performance flow control for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical liquid processes. Using a hydrodynamically optimized design, the Sterivalve® combines the best features of a seat valve with the inherent cleanability of a flat diaphragm valve. This combination of features ensures that the Sterivalve® offers the unique combination of low flow resistance together with a proven hygienic design.
  • Steridose Bottom outlet valve (BOV) is totally drainable and CIP/SIP (Clean In Place / Steam In Place). The valve body is flush welded to the tank bottom thereby becoming an integral part of it.
  • BOV is deadleg free and has self draining and the internal contour of the valve has no dead spaces, hence the valve is very suitable in combination with mixers if the medium is sediment.
  • Aseptic patented design of clamped double membrane sealing.
  • Deadleg free design assures full microbiological control of the valve system, preventing contamination by bacteria or endotoxine.
Valve housing:316L Other material on request
Surface Finish:Ra Ra 0,4µm, electropolished
Valve size:0,5" to 3"
Outlet connectionsBut weld (BW), TC- ends
Standards:ASTM, other standards on request
Option:Steam port, CIP/SIP satellite valve
Actuator:Manual or pneumatic, Stainless steel or plastic Inductive or microswitch actuator indicators Option Atex indicators
Diaphragms:Silicone, EPDM and PTFE, USP Class VI