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OUR MISSION: Steridose develops mixers and valves for the global biopharmaceutical industry and others with similar demands that ensure our customers’ process integrity and compliance with industry standards.

We do this in close partnership with distributors/reps, providing local support combined with global references.

OUR TRACK RECORD:  Steridose was founded in the late 1970s in Sweden with the purpose of developing innovative process components for aseptic manufacturing.  Steridose introduced technologies such as magnetically driven mixers and radial type diaphragm valves to the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980s.  In the early 2000s, the company became part of the Roplan Group, consolidating development and manufacturing.  Through the years, we have developed an extensive distribution network with representation in over 30 countries and have a vast equipment installed base. We continue innovating based on the feedback and needs of our customers. In 2015 Roplan and Steridose formed Velcora Group. In 2019 Roplan and Steridose were acquired by IDEX Corporation from FSN Capital Partners and today operate within the IDEX portfolio of more than 40 businesses worldwide.


Manufacturing site & regional office

IDEX Material Processing Technologies
613 Colby Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 1A1 Canada

Phone: +1-519-884-9660
E-mail: info@steridose.com

Center of excellence

Ostmästargränd 8A
SE-120 40 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46-8-449 99 00
E-mail: info@steridose.com


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