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In the beginning there was…

Magnetically coupled mixers had existed for years, when more than 30 years ago, Steridose became the first manufacturer to apply and fine-tune the technology for the biopharmaceutical industry. The unique requirements associated with aseptic process design were used to create specialized product ranges such as the Sterimixer and the Sterivalve. We have thousands of installations in countries throughout the world, as well as a product range that continues to grow through innovations and additions to suit even more processes and industries.

Nothing has changed… or has it?

The advantages of magnetically coupled mixers over mixers with a shaft that penetrates the vessel still hold true: by eliminating the need for a mechanical seal and a rotating shaft through the vessel wall, we eliminate the risk for contamination and leakages therefore, the process is contained and isolated. Basically, what’s in stays in and, what’s out stays out! What has changed is that this type of containment and isolation is beneficial to many more processes and industries than it was only a decade ago.

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