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Sterimixer Magnet Lowering Device

Sterimixer Magnet Lowering Device allows service personnel to safely lower the magnet rotor through the gearbox, decoupling the magnetic coupling with the impeller, without having to remove the entire drive unit.

There is an increasing trend in new safety regulations from pharmaceutical manufacturers restricting labor in confined spaces and under vessels. For safe bearing- and impeller-inspection the magnet rotor and drive unit must be removed from the vessel.

Depending on the mixer size, the drive units can be heavy and the space under the vessel reduced, increasing the risk of personal injury (i.e. pinched fingers) to service personnel or damage to the mixer, pipes and other equipment. Experience the ease-of-use by watching this video: The Sterimixer Magnet Lowering Device is available for the Sterimixer Low Shear SMA/SMO product line, from size 85 and up. Drive units can be ordered with the lowering device fitted from the factory or by ordering a retro-fit kit that will allow drive units delivered after 2008 to be upgraded with the device.  

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Sterimixer Magnet Lowering Device features

  • Safe and quick decoupling of the magnetic coupling between magnet rotor and impeller
  • Only the shaft and magnet rotor are lowered through the gear box, eliminating the need for removing the entire drive unit, reducing the risk for personal injury and damage to the mixer or other equipment
  • Easily accessible, no need for maneuvering large components in tight spaces (however, extra space (compared to a mixer without lowering device) is needed both between the vessel and the drive unit as well as under the drive unit to allow the Lowering Device to be installed).
  • Safety lock to ensure proper placement of the shaft and magnet rotor before operation
  • Can be retrofitted to older drive units (delivered in or after 2008)
  • Option: Magnet decoupling sensor (MDS) as an option, communicating the proper placement of shaft and rotor to the site’s monitoring and control system, preventing start of the mixer without magnet rotor in ‘raised’ position.
  • Available for Sterimixer Low Shear SMA / SMO. (Not available on ATEX, Sterimixer Medium Shear and Sanimixer)

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