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Tank bottom outlet valves

are designed to drain liquids from a tank. Steridose bottom out valves are flush welded to the bottom and thus become integrated into the tank. Different variants of bottom outlet Sterivalves® are available:

Single outlet


Double outlet

Single outlet with CIP port

Single outlet valve with a satellite valve

Process valves

are part of a piping system and are used to deflect the flow pattern. Steridose process valves can be butt welded or connected by Tri-clamps. There are different kinds of process valves depending on their position in the process line:

Shut-off (SOV)

In a closed position stops the flow pattern in the 90° direction.


Flow-through (FT)

In a closed position blocks the low in the 90° direction but not in 180° direction.


Divert (DIV)

can be used to divert flow or as a mixing valve. The flow pattern on the closed side of the valve will allow for a continuous flow to the open side providing zero dead leg. The inlet flow passage with the divided flow prevents abrupt directional change and fluid impact that can minimize deterioration.



Take-off (TOV)

is specifically designed as a sampling valve for piping systems, mostly WFI and PW loops. The radial diaphragm seats flush to the inside of the main pipe. Many flat diaphragm valves are being used in this type of application. However, they cannot be sealed directly into the pipe. This makes our TOV a much better choice in terms of cleanability.


Sampling valves

are used for taking samples of a product. Can be welded or TC connected flush to the tank.


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