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Magnetic coupled mixer for Food and Cosmetics

The new range of Sanimixer® is available in sizes up to 30 000 L (7 926 usgal) general mixing or 40 000 L (10 568 usgal) gentle mixing (ref. water). The bottom mounted mixer with open type impeller is a cost effective alternative to top mounted mixers and the natural choice for food, beverage, dairy, and cosmetic applications with high demands regarding cleanability and sterility.  

Sanimixer Features

  • Containment and isolation through the tried-and-true magnetic coupled design means no leakage-prone shaft seals and facilitates impeller removal.
  • Sanimixer is a food-grade cousin to the pharma-grade Sterimixer that has proven itself in demanding biopharmaceutical applications for over 30 years and in more than 10 000 installations world wide.
  • Mixing to the last drop: with a bottom mounted mixer minimum liquid levels are exactly that: minimal. The off-center installation eliminates the need for baffles.
  • Cleaning is straight-forward using either Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), or Sterilization-in-Place (SIP).
  • A compacter design, no overhead equipment needed, the mixer sits safely in the bottom.
  • Easy maintenance: easy impeller removal and easy bayonetcoupling drive unit removal.
  • No surprises: Steridose specializes in magnetic coupled mixers and all technology is developed and manufactured in-house. We can also perform lab tests to verify mixing performance.

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