Magnetic Mixerfor food and cosmetics

Sanimixer® magnetic coupled mixer for sterile processes

Magnetic Coupled Mixer for Food and Cosmetics

The Sanimixer magnetic coupled mixer is a cost-effective alternative for highly demanding food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, and high purity chemical applications. It's proven magnetic coupled design, with no mechanical seal or rotating shaft through the vessel wall, guarantees product containment and isolation.

With its design based on the Sterimixer, a premium product that has proven itself in pharmaceutical applications for over 30 years, the Sanimixer is designed specifically to meet the less stringent requirements of other sanitary industries.

The Sanimixer is available in sizes up to 30,000L (8000 US gal) for general mixing or 40,000 (10,500 US gal) for gentle mixing.


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Why choose the Sanimixer magnetic coupled mixer?

Our finely tuned mixing technology has become the 'go to' magnetic coupled mixer of choice within the process industries and here's why.

Containment and isolation: the proven magnetic coupling (no shaft or mechanical seal) means, improved containment. What’s in stays in, what’s out stays out!

Mixing to the last drop: a bottom mount mixer reduces the minimum mixing volume to nearly nothing increasing yields?

No baffles: the off-center mounting position eliminates the need for baffles, which are always difficult to clean.

Cleaning: easy and reliable cleaning using standard CIP and SIP procedures.

Compact design: no overhead equipment needed; the mixer is installed safely on the bottom head.

Maintenance: safe and easy impeller and drive unit removal.

Gas entrainment and foaming: this is greatly reduced by offset mixer mounting on the bottom head.

FDA Compliant: Design and materials in accordance with FDA requirements.

In detail

Sanimixer magnetic coupled mixer for Food and Cosmetics

Sterimixer bearing assembly consists of a male bearing unit mounted on the weld plate, with a matching female bearing unit mounted in the impeller. Sterimixer products can be equipped with tungsten carbide, with tungsten carbide bearings, the bearing material-of-choice that will handle mechanical upsets better than most others.

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The weld plate is welded into the tank’s bottom head and is made from AISI 316L stainless steel.

The geometrical configuration of the magnets, aligning North-South couplings alternatingly and radially, provides the strong magnetic coupling needed for mixing liquids up to 1000 cP.

The drive unit is the driving mechanism of the mixer. It consists of the motor, gearbox, drive-unit-flange, shaft, and magnet rotor. Most Sanimixers are fitted with painted electric motors. Drive units with extended gearbox shafts are available for jacketed vessels. Other configurations such as explosion-proof and stainless steel are available on request.

FDA Approved Magnetic Coupled Mixers, Valves and sampling

Steridose are specialists in the design, development, and manufacturing of magnetic coupled mixers, radial diaphragm valves, and efficient sampling systems.


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Magnetic coupled mixer for Pharmaceuticals



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Magnet Lowering Device

Safe and easy to use Lowering Device for the Sterimixer