Steridose Product Range

Magnetic Coupled Mixers and Aseptic Valves for the Pharmaceutical Biotech Industries

Designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards

Our equipment is designed to meet the requirements of the Biopharmaceutical industry in terms of performance, materials of construction, surface finish, cleanability (CIP/SIP capable), and traceability in order to ensure process integrity.

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Steridose is a proven supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, providing magnetic coupled mixers and radial diaphragm valves designed for sterile processes. Learn more about our technology, company and products.

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Steridose Equipment

Bioprocess equipment designed and developed for the Pharmaceutical Industry, our equipment is proven and relied upon by industry leaders across the world.


The original magnetic coupled mixer for Pharmaceuticals


Magnet Lowering Device

Reduce costly maintenance time and the risk of damaged equipment



Magnetic coupled mixer for Food and Cosmetics



Minimize contamination risk with unique aseptic design valve


The Steridose Approach

Steridose’s headquarters are in Sweden and its manufacturing center of excellence and test facility is in Canada. At Steridose we have pride and passion in what we do to ensure our customers get the very best results.


Liquid Mixing and Agitation, Shaken or Stirred? 

The Steridose team of experts is on hand to support your needs. Learn more about our capabilities, products, and learn from our team.