Magnetic Coupled Mixersfor Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Sterimixer® is the original magnetic coupled mixer designed for biotech and pharmaceutical applications

Original Innovators of Magnetic Coupled Mixers

Magnetically coupled mixers had existed for years, when more than 30 years ago, Steridose became the first manufacturer to apply and fine-tune the technology for the biopharmaceutical industry. The unique requirements associated with aseptic process design were used to create specialized product ranges such as the Sterimixer and the Sterivalve.

As a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of magnetic mixers, our solutions can be trusted for the most stringent of manufacturing environments.

The Sterimixer can be configured to optimize flow or shear, depending on the application requirements. This results in a higher yield and a more efficient process.

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Sterimixer Magentic Coupled Mixer

Why choose the Sterimixer magnetic coupled mixer?

The Sterimixer is perfect for biotech, pharmaceutical, and demanding hygienic and sterile applications such as those involving serums, vaccines, plasma fractions, bacteria and cell cultures, and APIs.

Containment and isolation: the proven magnetic coupling (no shaft or mechanical seal) means, improved containment. What’s in stays in and what’s out stays out!

Mixing to the last drop: a bottom mount mixer reduces the minimum mixing volume significantly to increase yields.

No baffles: the off-center mounting position eliminates the need for baffles, which are always difficult to clean.

Cleaning: easy and reliable cleaning using standard CIP and SIP procedures.

Compact design: no overhead equipment needed; the mixer is installed safely on the bottom dish.

Maintenance: safe and easy impeller & drive unit removal.

Gas entrainment and foaming: this is greatly reduced by offset mixer mounting on the bottom head.

Mixer Impeller Options to Optimize Operation

Steridose provides a wide range of impellers for your mixing needs. Whether you require high flow and low shear or high shear forces our high-efficiency mixing solutions have you covered.

Magnetic Couple Mixer Impeller SMA

SMA - high flow and low shear impeller

The SMA is a closed design impeller that is typically used for applications where high flow and low shear are required. It features a patented flow channel. As the impeller rotates, centrifugal force draws fluid into the area surrounding the bearings and flushes it out through the small holes on top of the impeller, providing effective and repeatable cleaning results. It must be submerged during cleaning.

The SMA generates very low shear forces, making it ideal for applications involving shear-sensitive products, such as mammalian cell cultures.

Sterimixer Impeller SMO

SMO - high flow and low shear impeller

The SMO is an open design impeller that is typically used for applications where high flow and low shear are required. All surfaces are exposed to a cleaning solution when used with a properly drilled spray ball. It does not have to be submerged during cleaning.

Magnetic Couple Mixer Impeller SMMS

SMMS - medium shear impeller

The SMMS is an open design impeller that provides higher shear forces, which are needed for applications where light or hydrophobic powders must be incorporated. All surfaces are exposed to a cleaning solution when used with a properly drilled spray ball. It does not have to be submerged during cleaning.

In detail

Sterimixer - magnetic coupled mixer

Sterimixer bearing assembly consists of a male bearing unit mounted on the weld plate, with a matching female bearing unit mounted in the impeller. Sterimixer products can be equipped with tungsten carbide, silicon carbide or Dri-amond™ (diamond-coated silicon carbide) bearings.

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The weld plate is welded into the tank’s bottom head and is most commonly made from AISI 316L stainless steel. Comparable SMA and SMO models fit on the same weld plate and use the same bearings, making it easy to exchange impeller types. Additionally, most weld plate sizes accommodate more than one diameter impeller, resulting in a very flexible mixer platform.

Download the Installation and Operation Manual to learn more.

Download the Operation Manual

The magnets that form the coupling are aligned radially, resulting in a magnetic coupling that is strong enough to mix liquids up to 1000 cps.

Magnetic Couple Mixer Impeller Inside Coupling


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The drive unit is the driving mechanism for the mixer. It consists of a motor, gearbox, mounting flange, shaft and magnet rotor. Most Sterimixers are equipped with white epoxy coated, washdown duty gearbox and motor. Other configurations such as explosion-proof, stainless steel, and pneumatic are also available. Drive units with an extended shaft are available for jacketed and/or insulated vessels. Please contact our team to learn more.

This is an optional feature on Steridose bottom mount magnetic mixers that allows the user to easily break the magnetic coupling without removing the drive unit from the tank. This device is a significant ergonomic enhancement that greatly reduces service time and is particularly useful when working with heavy drive units that can weigh as much as 45 kg (100 lbs).

Bottom Mounted Magnetic Mixer


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Magnetic Coupled Mixers, Radial Diaphragm Valves and Sampling Systems

Steridose specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of magnetic coupled mixers, radial diaphragm valves and efficient sampling systems.


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