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Sterimixer Magnet Coupled Mixers for the Medical Industry

Published on Feb 18, 2021 3:37:53 PM


Magnetic mixers have become the trusted, go-to solution for applications where sterility cannot be compromised. The primary benefit of mag mixers is containment and isolation – everything inside stays in and everything outside stays out.

The industry where these attributes are most critical has traditionally been the biopharma industry but, there’s a common misconception that biopharma is the only industry that needs mag mixers.


Is there room for the medical device industry to benefit from mag mixers? Sure, there is. This industry makes discrete parts but, quite often, these parts go inside the human body. There are numerous liquids involved in the manufacturing processes and these liquids must remain sterile at all times.

How did that lead to a bottom mounted mag mixer

Steridose recently sold its Sterimixers to a manufacturer of implantable medical devices. The decision to use mag mixers was based on the need for sterility. The manufacturing process is rather involved and there are several critical control points where the contamination risk is high. By using mag mixers in closed vessels, the customer has reduced the risk to near zero.


Find the right mixer

Some of the applications were simple and involved waterlike ingredients, such as buffer mixing and storage. Some were a little more difficult, such as rinse/wash mixing and storage. Some were a lot more difficult and involved viscosities in the 500 – 700 centipoise range. There is another common misconception that mag mixers can only mix waterlike products – not true – contact Steridose for mixing liquids with viscosities as high as 1000 centipoise.

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Posted by Matt Baumber

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